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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor. Author of the food blog Craving The Yum & Eating After Chemo mini-cookbook

Gregory Halpen
Let’s see how many blocks I’ll get today. Fu Let’s see how many blocks I’ll get today. Fundraising for my cookbook, Eating After Chemo - lots of development and self publishing work to do. (But I’m aiming for a legit publisher to pick my book up - and hopefully not toss it into the river 🤣🤣🤣🤣) After this month I will not have a computer so I’m trying to figure out how to solve that problem. If you feel generous today, Eating After Chemo could use a boost! Links are in the comments...if you need something other than PayPal, let me know. #chemo #cookbookdevelopment #foodblogger #foodbloggersofinstagram #hodgkinslymphoma #remission #crowdfunding
It’s a pear kind of day. A little rainy - alth It’s a pear kind of day. A little rainy - although temps are rising towards 80, I may be camping out in an air conditioned apartment. I’m looking through the lens while listening to Cyndi Lauper’s Money Changes Everything. And aiming along - I so love Cyndi! She was a huge influence on my young teen gay life. A sort of safe space when life was scary. Now, I feel like these pears. Bunched together feeling all cozy with the friends I have today. Talk about peace and content. ♥️ . . . . #pears #roastedpear #foodbloggersofinstagram #food #foodie #wellness #photography #foodphotography
Coconut Cream Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis Coconut Cream Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis This glorious beauty is 100% plant-based using agar agar as the firming agent. I used unsweetened full-fat coconut cream, agave, agar agar, and vanilla. I so enjoyed creating and photographing this Panna Cotta. Then once the shoot was over I devoured one of them. And I was pleasantly surprised by how the agar agar turned out. Recipe will be posted later on the blog. . . . . #pannacotta #plantpasedpannacotta #plantbased #foodblogger #foodbloggersofinstagram #food #dessert #deliciousfood #nottoosweet
@lilipad_creations - Craving The Yum Podcast Sea @lilipad_creations - Craving The Yum Podcast Season 1, Episode 1 Debut Health & Wellness Episode Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 Special Guest: Beth Eischen Not only is Beth a wonderful mom of two beautiful kids, Beth designs jewelry, hand bags and owns a design company called Lilipad Creations. But wait there’s more - just when you think you’re super impressed, Beth is also a biologist and professor. I know, right? She is such an inspiration. On today’s episode, Beth and I are going to talk about wellness, fitness and over all health. And probably everything else in between. Look out for when the episode drops - Wednesday April 28th , 2021. . . . #foodbloggersofinstagram #foodblogger #guest #show #podcast #cravingtheyum #biologist #professor #designer #lilipadcreationsonfacebook
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